12 Important Questions with Belvedere

We here at MPF take ourselves very seriously. We’re interrogating a few of our favourite acts from this year’s festival, asking only the important questions. 

Belvedere are heroes of the skate-punk scene. Their 2004 album Fast Forward Eats The Tape is a much-revered classic of the genre, and they’ve since gone on to release six studio albums. Their new record, Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense, topped a lot of 2021’s album-of-the-year charts. Bringing their fast, melodic stylings all the way from Canada, you can also catch them on a full UK/EU tour in March and April 2022.

We sat down with frontman Steve Rawles to ask our extremely serious, well-thought questions.

We’re excited to have you at MPF2022! What are you most excited about right now? 

We are too.  A few cancellations, a few more years and here we are!  Can’t wait to get over and see all our pals. 

What was the first gig you ever went to?  

I saw INXS with the Soup Dragons in 1989. For local gigs … I saw a local show in Calgary in 1992 which led to many more.

What have you got in your pockets right now?  

Wallet, phone, guitar pick, a Canadian nickel.

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?  

The one with the jelly in the middle cause thems me favourite!

If you were on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be?  

Gulp, there is no Canadian Mastermind and thus I have no idea what you’re talking about. 

Who’s your favourite Dave?  

I’m not sure if I have a favourite but these are the Daves I know.  

Cats or dogs?  

Used to be dogs only.  Now it is both.

Red or blue?  


Oasis or Blur?  


Too much ska or too little ska?  

I’m more of a putting it down versus a picking it up kinda person, but I like me some ska.

Roll / cob / bap / barm cake / batch / muffin / other (specify)?  

Muffins, preferrably the fruit explosion type.

Where were you on 17-18th April 2015? 

I was on a conference call with an employer I disliked. I checked. 

Finally, which bands are you most excited to see at MPF2022?  

If the dates work out … Wolfrik, Much the Same, Darko, Drunktank, A Wilhelm Scream, The Decline, Fair Dos, Midwich Cuckoos, Laughing In The Face Of.

Listen to Belvedere on Bandcamp, Spotify or wherever your get your skate-punk.