Samiam have had a pretty unique career trajectory. The band has been around for nearly three decades, and some of your favorite bands swear by their classic albums like Clumsy and Astray, yet aside from signing to a major label in the 90s and achieving mainstream music attention via singles like "Capsized" and "She Found You," the group never experienced the same success as, say, Green Day. (I should know as I actually saw Samiam open for Green Day outside of Cleveland, Ohio, during the peak of their Dookie explosion in 1994.) That said, Samiam will be the first to admit that their inability to fit neatly into one genre has both endeared them to fans and prevented them from becoming a household name. Too punk for modern rock and too catchy to be menacing, the group has carved a unique niche in the rock community despite the fact that they've only released two albums over the past 16 years. (The most recent being 2011's Trips.)