CF98 (the chemical element – californium with atomicnumber 98) is a band that brings melodic punk rock energy, PMA and friendship wherever they go. They said " hey, let's have a band" almost 15 years ago, when almost every young folk in Poland wanted to play skatepunk or poppunk (myspace times).

Time flies, people come and go, trends in music change, but CFs are faithful to their roots and big skatepunk love with huge amount of music ambition.

After success of Nic Do Stracenia album, they released Story Makers in 2017 and EP Rotten to the core in 2019 (Speed Sounds Records, USA), the albums that brought joy of writing, recording and producing together. After some hard times, their line up is complete again (Adrian on drums and Mati on second guitar joined in 2016). They create faster, melodious, mostly positive songs with great energy and message that will make you reconsider some serious topics or will put a smile on your

In 2019 they will be playing Mighty Sounds Festival in Czech Republic, Punk Rock Holiday and many more club gigs with Satanic Surfers, Krang, Useless ID, Teenage Bottlerocket or Ignite, while their Japan Tour is already done with 5 cool shows!

CF98 wouldn't be a band without friendship of: Karolina (vocal), Mati (guitar), Michał (bass) and Adrian (drums)