Hailing from Manchester (UK) and racking up over 400 shows in 27 countries, 4 continents and both hemispheres in their first 4 years of existence, DEAD NECK have so far ploughed new dirt tracks through the UK, Japan, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France.

Having played with some of their favourite bands including Strung Out, Ignite, H2O, A Wilhelm Scream, Consumed, Authority Zero, Snuff and Capdown and having appeared at world renowned punk festivals such as Punk Rock Holiday (Slovenia), SBAM Fest (Austria) Jera On Air (Netherlands), Mighty Sounds (Czech Republic), KNRD fest (Germany), Book Yer Ane fest (Scotland), Zizkovska Noc (Czech Republic) and more, DEAD NECK are looking forward to returning for their third appearance at MPF, after playing the Sound Control stage in 2014 and the Rebellion stage in 2018.

The self-released, self-titled EP was re-recorded and re-issued on 10" orange or black vinyl in 2018 by Mud Cake Records of Germany. The new split 10" with Actionmen (Italy) was released on pink vinyl and CD digipak on April 30th 2019, through Mud Cake records in Europe and Milestone Sounds in Japan.

With a new lineup and some major announcements imminent (including a tour outside of Europe for the fourth time), DEAD NECK are gearing up for a busy 2020.