Mollusca is the illegitimate bin baby of Amy Winehouse and Bill Bailey. A soulful anarchistic warrior clown wielding a guitar named frog, hollering songs about the power and abuse of love, the dystopian elite and smashing the patriarchy. All this with a voice that will slice to the core of your own playful heart like the deliciously deadly Katana sword of Beatrix Kiddo herself.

Manchester born and bred, spending some time learning how to be human in the highlands and later on in Nottingham, she is just as feral as you may imagine and prefer.

Mollusca started performing her folkpunksouljunk in April 2018 and has since played across Northern England and at festivals such as Boomtown and Nozstock. She has gained followers wherever she has played and this summer is set to return to the festival circuit with a bang, sliming her way in to Boomtown, Eden, Rebellion, Deerstock, 0161 and more TBA. With an acoustic demo on the way Mollusca ain’t gonna stop til the worlds panties drop at the mention of her name.

Previously Mollusca has performed engaging and fiery spoken word poetry under the name of Molotov and still performs with Nottingham’s one and only Ska/Funk/Punk/Soul/Gypsy/Reggae legends Unknown Era.