Warshy (as in, shy of war) is Crazy Arm frontman, Darren Johns' foray into solo territory. Launched in April 2017 in the USA, while travelling on a West Coast tour with kindred spirits, Larry & His Flask, Warshy is an opportunity for Johns to explore the roots/Americana influences that have underpinned Crazy Arm's forte, and strip them to the bone. Relying on a more intimate and less abrasive approach, the ultimate idea was to create a pool of musicians and singers that come and go around the core of the solo performance. But, for the most part, it's one Plymouth born-and-bred man and his Gretsch guitar, kick drum, banjo, acoustic guitar and barely concealed neuroses. Which isn’t to say that Warshy doesn’t pack a punch. The likes of ‘North Of Misery’ and ‘Retaliation’ betray a raw, rootsy rock’n’roll energy; while ‘Operation Chaos’ and ‘Nazi Deaths Matter’ reveal a more introspective yet politically-charged rationale. Warshy has played across the UK and Europe with Chicago's Flatfoot 56, Brighton melodic punks, Harker and, more recently, with esteemed US folk singer, Austin Lucas. This tour coincided with Warshy's debut self-released, home-recorded EP, 'The Noble Cause'. The four lo-fi songs were completed in two days, with a stifling cold, and during a traumatic period when Johns' mother, Gloria Noble, was gravely ill. The EP was put up on Bandcamp the day after she passed away (December 3rd 2018) and was named in memory of her. Reviews of The Noble Cause: 'A hearty ode to solidarity' The i 'A strong opening salvo' | Track Of The Day The Au Review 'Johns immerses himself fully in his work' Punk News 'A songwriting hero of mine' Austin Lucas.