(Literary) Under the Pavement. Yes, welcome to Manchester’s ONLY underground cinema. Yep, your favourite anarchist radio show, Under the Pavement, is uprooting from its Levenshulme headquarters and occupying the basement of fashionable Manchester cocktail bar, Font. We’ll be showing great and inspiring punk films from just after 11am. Drop in and chill the fuck out! Check out when each film is on by heading over to our clashfinder. 

Filmage (Dir Deedle Lacour, Matt Riggle, 2013)
Is this ALL? Nope it’s the band that came before them, The Descendents. This documentary tells the story of the band who put punk, pop and hardcore into the blender, turned it onto full-speed and changed the sound of DIY. Talking heads like Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Mike Watt (Minutemen), and Dave Grohl (Poo Fighters) help to tell the story of a band whose legacy outshone their brief existence.

A Fat Wreck (Dir Shaun Colon, 2016)
There will be NO FX in this movie! The history of the label that brought DIY to the masses brought to you in glorious technicolor…and puppets! 25 years after its inception, this tells the story of how Fat Mike and Erin Kelly-Burkett established label and kept on churning it out for a quarter of a century.

Punk in Africa (Dir Keith Jones, 2012)
1976 was the long hot summer during which UK punk erupted, but it paled into insignificance compared to events in South Africa, especially the Soweto uprising that year. This compelling documentary tells the story of the role of punk and DIY in opposing Apartheid and in making sense of its aftermath. Told over three countries – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, you’ll wonder why you never rocked out to the likes of Wild Youth, Kalahari Surfers, Sibling Rivalry, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Swivel Foot, Panzer, and 340ml.

American Hardcore (Dir Paul Rachman, 2006)
Anyone who plays it short, fast loud owes a massive debt of gratitude to those fearless pioneers of the early 1980s US hardcore scene. Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minutemen, Husker Du, Mission of Burma….you name em, they’re here. Original footage and eye witness accounts make this a stomper.

Zine Talk
A blank page is a dangerous thing – it can drag you off on all kind of adventures. Our live panel discussion takes you through flights of fancy and dark realms of the imagination into the world of fanzines. Hard-line punk absurdist Richard Cubesville is joined by activist, writer and general troublemaker Merrick Badger and NW Zinefest organiser Cherry to take you to a place where inspiration collides head-on with imagination.

Censuradas (2017)
A short documentary series that will tour across different countries, focusing on women within the punk scene who have decided to take a stand against an oppressive and violent system. The first international screening will be at this years MPF, where they will also film the English element of the series.

Grrrl Love and Revolution (Abby Moser, 2010)
Film maker Abby Moser was right there in the heart of the NYC Riot Grrrl movement holding a camera while women challenged the foundations of rock music. She captured the tensions with the mainstream, while women used DIY tools and feminist politics to create a space away from the acceptable norm. Told through archive footage of the likes of Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, and contemporary interviews, this film continues to challenge and inspire.