Easy now! As it’s nearly Christmas we thought why not bring you sacks full gifts in the form of sweaty bands! This is our penultimate announcement before the actual work starts, tickets have been flying out so get yours here!

We are over the moon to be able to announce that the legendary SAMIAM will be playing #MPF2019, celebrating 30 years as a band and their first return to the UK in 8 years. TOM MAY from everyone’s favourite band The Menzingers is going to be touring the UK with Philly-homeboy ROGER HARVEY and both will be gracing the already stacked almost-acoustic stage.

AFTER THE FALL gave us one of the highlights of MPF2017 so we thought it was time to bring them back to the party all the way from Albany, NY along with album of the year contenders THE PENSKE FILE who might be the best looking band we’ve ever booked. We just can’t get enough of Canadians!

We like to get a little nostalgic where possible so we asked Norwich’s GOOBER PATROL to join us, a band some of us grew up listening to so it’s a real pleasure to finally get them involved. Speaking of nostalgia, who wants a couple more reunion sets? The darlings of Pontefract ABOVE THEM are back along with Brighton’s ska punk cretins THE JUNK who we’ve been hoping to have on for a while now. It’s gonna be a cuddle fest.

After we embarrassed Sweden at the World Cup, we felt we needed to bring a couple of bands over from there, largely just to mock them and sing “It’s coming home” at them over and over again. Please welcome heavy as fuck crust outfits MISANTROPIC and MYTERI on to our line up, easily two of the most exciting bands we’ve booked.

We’re more than happy to be inviting back FRESH, one of the best bands around at the moment and they’ll be joined on the line-up by the always great MUNCIE GIRLS, making their 2nd MPF appearance and gruff punks GUERILLA POUBELLE from France .

TNSrecords favourites THE DOMESTICS usually look for any excuse to leave Ipswich, sure boys, you can come and stay with us. The same could be said about MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS and Hastings to be honest but they don’t really need a reason to drive at illegal speeds up north and prance around in inflatable boats. Also heading up from Hastings we’ve got the hairy moshers in HAEST and the weird and wonderful THE MIGHTY BOSSMAGS are bringing their not well looking heads from the depths of Warrington.

We always want a good representation of the really great fast and technical bands knocking around so we are buzzing to welcome the delicate southerners in ALMEIDA back on to our line up along with Italian sweethearts ACTIONMEN, Mallorca’s finest MAIN LINE 10 who just finished their first tour of England and Germany’s SCHEISSE MINNELLI, a band that always live up to their amazing name..

According to a possibly unwell source, there is a ska revival coming and if anyone is at the forefront of that in the UK, it would be POPES OF CHILLITOWN. They are on a relentless drive at the minute so let’s see what they’ve got for us. ONE EYED GOD played with Popes last month at The Bread Shed and they were incredible so we have added them to #MPF2019, mad mix of reggae/dub/punk/balkan and all sorts of shit.

Bringing the garage punk rock, we’ve got a rare appearance from the immense CLEAN SHIRTS and we’re stupidly excited to have CHERYM coming from Northern Ireland to MPF for the first time, this band is one to watch! Flying the flag for Disconnect Disconnect Records we’ve got LAY IT ON THE LINEcoming up from sarrff landan (featuring members of In Evil Hour and Phinius Gage) and we clearly we can’t stop booking Germans as we are adding TONY GORILLA to bring their Ignite inspired hardcore to sunny Manchester.

This year is our most varied line up so far so we are continuing that trend by adding SMALL GODS, hard hitting punk and roll from Basingstoke, trash punks CROOKED LITTLE SONS from Exeter/Plymouth and the incredible punkabilly noise makers THE BLOODSTRINGS heading over from Aachen, Germany.

Last but by no means least we have a few more additions to the almost-acoustic stage, the adorable Manchester boys ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS, acoustic cowpunk Scot TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR and a rare almost-acoustic set from EBOLA-LA’S, lock away anyone you care about.

Ooooooh we wanna dance with somebody, we wanna feel the heat with somebody, yeeaaahhhh we wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves us! RIP Whitney x