Well hello. We are happy to confirm our final band announcements for the 2019 edition of MPF. By christ it’s a corker! You would be damn insane to miss this line up so grab your ticket before it’s too late!

We should probably get the bad news out of the way first. Unfortunately DEAD TO ME are no longer able to play. We are mega gutted about it but there’s nothing we can do to change it. Very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to watching them as much as we were. Fear not, we think we’ve still got it covered.

We are over the moon to finally welcome UK punk rock legends SNUFF on to our line up. We have tried so many times so are buzzing to finally make it happen. In addition to them, we are proper excited to announce that piano selling US skate punkers 88 FINGERS LOUIE will be making the trip across the pond to show us just why they are so revered throughout the international punk scene. If that wasn’t enough, we are also adding who we think are one of the best bands to come out of the UK in recent years. Please welcome Durham based indie punk rockers MARTHA back for their 2nd appearance, this time they’ll be headlining Gorilla on the Saturday night. New album on the way too, just lovely! Speaking of legends, we all love Leatherface right? Well front man FRANKIE STUBBS is joining the almost acoustic stage this year!

Seeing as we are clearly wet for Americans, we are also bringing over the reggae punk rockers in AUTHORITY ZERO and the outrageously good looking SUCH GOLD for their long awaited MPF debuts. Excited to have both involved!

As we have hinted at previously, we have something special planned for the Friday night after party. Last year, a close friend of ours Tim Gray of Big Tone Recording Studio sadly passed away. He was a big part of many early TNS releases as well as recording and working with bands from all over the country. We wanted to host some sort of tribute to him so we have decided that Friday at Bread Shed will be the BIG TONE AFTER PARTY and we are very pleased to include his good friends SONIC BOOM SIX (along with the previously announced HARIJAN that Tim used to play in and CATCH-IT KEBABS who feature Tim’s lovely sister Chloe).

We are proper buzzing with the representation of crust/hardcore we have on this year but why not add a bit more. Please welcome German powerhouses ANCST on to our line up along with Cornish pasty lovers F. EMASCULATA. It’s gonna get bleak!

You know how much we love a reunion yeah, well what happens when you’re CALVINBALL and you want to play another gig, but two of your members live in different continents? You get Arms Aloft to help out! On top of that, TNSrecords and Anarchistic Undertones favourites OFFICER DOWN are popping up for a party because why wouldn’t you. They definitely saw The Infested get announced and got jealous, it’s cool lads we get it!

Who wants some more melodic hardcore twiddly diddly wankers? Sure we do! Welcome international as fuck THE AFFECT HEURISTIC, Italian stalwarts THANX 4 ALL THE SHOES, German veterans (fair) SKIN OF TEARS and the Lockjaw bad boys FIGHTS AND FIRES to the ball. Let’s dance sisters! Local, ambient and experimental rockers PIJN thought MPF was lacking a bit of cello and violin, so they’ve got us covered! Flying the London flag for the indie-pop-rock crowd we’re happy to welcome SUGGESTED FRIENDS and CHARMPIT.

After being blown away by their energetic and aggressive hardcore punk we had to get Sunderland’s ZERO NEGATIVE involved – Shorter! Faster! Louder! WERECATS will provide some infectious pop punk whilst local scruffs SONNET 13 will bring the beat downs with their metal fuelled hardcore energy. ILL GOTTEN GAINS will provide some catchy ska-core with a hardcore vocal delivery whilst the ugliest band in the world WADEYE are back for their annual health check up with us.

Three-parts Bear Trade and one-part Helen Chambers, you know you’re in for a treat with MISFORTUNE COOKIE. We are bringing back arguably the greatest band of all time if you like fitted suits and wedding bands, THROWING STUFF are playing their only Manchester show of the year at MPF and it’s sure to be a rager with a near-midnight stage time. Could be your last chance to see them! Scouse punk rockers PARDON US are joining in this year because they’ve finally come to terms with Manchester being better than Liverpyoooool and Yorkshire oi oi street punkers with bald heads and hairy backs THE FUCKIN’ GLORIOUS are coming to scare away all of the children.

Adding to our already stacked “almost acoustic” stage, Austria’s JAMES CHOICE & THE BAD DECISIONS and Portugal’s WE BLESS THIS MESS will be adding a bit of ‘Fuck Brexit’ to proceedings whilst DOG HAND STRING BAND will provide a mix of Tom Waits moodiness and folky vibes. Continuing the folk vibe are FOLK’S WORST NIGHTMARE who our acoustic stage manager, Tim Loud describes as ‘very good’ and we are pleased to welcome folk upstarts BOOM BOOM RACOON up from Bristol and our good friends in SPEED DINOSAURS over from Leeds because who doesn’t love System Of A Down done folk style.

So that’s the full line-up and accompanying day splits all announced. We hope you’re as excited as we are! Tickets last year sold out a couple of months in advance so if you’re planning on coming, don’t wait too long. We’ll be announcing a load of cool additions to the festival in the coming weeks including afterparties, punk cinema and a record store so make sure you keep checking back. And download the app!