Every day, every hour, we check the news and hope that there’s something positive to take from it. Still nothing. If anything, things are getting worse and preventative measures are getting more extreme.

The US travel ban has effectively taken away a number of our 9 headliners – and a few other bands also on the line-up. Quarantine measures and other travel restrictions have also impacted at least a quarter of the bands – and people – who could attend MPF.

We’ve been weighing up pushing ahead with the festival, but the consideration of putting on a drastically different line-up than what everyone expects doesn’t sit well.

There’s also every chance that although we could technically go ahead with MPF as things stand, the day before the festival we could be hit with news/restrictions/changes in law that stop us in our tracks.

There is also a moral obligation to not provide an environment (for those that still wanted to attend) where the virus can be spread unknowingly and transported back to wherever you legends came from and passed onto other people – particularly those deemed “at risk”. As well as putting ourselves and our volunteers in a risky position. There are so many touchpoints throughout MPF from wristbands to merch that create opportunities for transmission.

MPF is fantastic, but it’s not worth risking lives for.

All those issues and more considered, MPF2020 will not be happening as planned this April.

We have already invested thousands of pounds into this festival and a lot of it is money we’ll not be able to recoup. As we make clear each year, we are 100% independent with no outside funding or sponsorship. Every penny spent on the festival comes from ticket sales and merch.

We work on the tiniest margins to ensure our ticket prices stay low, affordable and accessible for everyone. This means that when things go pear-shaped, we’re on the ropes. We’re insured as a festival, but not against communicable diseases – most festivals aren’t, not just the punks!

We’re DIY. Always have been, always will be.

Everyone who bought a ticket for MPF2020 will be entitled to a refund however if you bought directly through us, please be patient. We will post about how to claim your refunds and what the next steps are shortly. We may need your help to get out of this mess.

Thanks for your understanding, patience and support for Manchester Punk Festival. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Seek out best practice ways of helping delay and stop the spread such as social distancing. The government is – and always seems to be – lacking in being any help, so help each other here.

Our merch store is still open, and we need to sell what we have. Please have a look and order anything you like the look of, we could really use any help at this time.