There are a lot of questions that pop up every year, so we have an FAQ section that will hopefully give you all the info you need.

We have tried to provide as much information as possible and we will continue to update this page, particularly nearer the time of the festival. If you have any further questions please drop a message to our facebook page or hassle us on Twitter.

Where can I buy merch?
MPF Merch can be bought online here.

Can my band play MPF?

Probably not. Our roster of bands we work with is built from the ground up, if your band is active, gigging and contributing to the UK DIY punk rock community then we’ll know of you sooner or later!

When is MPF2019 happening?
19 to 21 April! Next year there will be 3 full days of bands.

What are the age restrictions?
All age restrictions are available on our Venues page. These age restrictions are set by the venues themselves and we cannot alter them for the weekend.

Can I have a pass to review or photograph MPF?
Please email bev(at)tnsrecords.co.uk to apply.

Can I volunteer to help out at MPF2019?
Maybe. Although we have a great group of volunteers from previous years, we’re happy to hear from new people. Drop us a message later in the year.

How accessible are the venues?
We’ve worked hard since the first year so improve how accessible Manchester Punk Festival is, the majority of our venues – and all main venues – are wheelchair accessible. We are aware that some of these venues do not provide full accessibility, especially for those people who may struggle to use stairs. To read more please click here.