☆♬○♩CHARMPIT are queer, anarchist, DIY POPstarPUNK powered by harmonies & best femmes forever friendship. CHARMPIT combine the sun-drenched sound of Rhi and Anne Marie’s homeland, California, with the life and loves of their adopted city and Estella and Alex’s home, London. CHARMPITs destiny was determined when Anne Marie (bass), Rhianydd (rhythm guitar) and Alex (drums) played their first show for First Timers Fest ‘16 at DIY Space for London, and future lead guitar legend Estella helped Rhi plug into an amp for the first time. Ever since CHARMPIT have spread their joyous noise all over ~ from Bradford to Berlin to BBC Radio 6! With laid back guitars, hard-hitting bass and bouncing drums, this awesome foursome are on a mission to super soak you with bright, beaming bangers. ♬○♩●♪✧