The end of 2017 saw the end of Bear Trade as a band. Three quarters of the Bears wanted to keep playing together with a like minded soul who enjoyed the simple things like loud guitars and beer fuelled good times.

At the end of 2017 Helen Chambers was still performing solo, playing her folk tinged acoustic tunes with her uniquely affecting voice.
In 2018, this alliance – so obvious and yet not obvious – was born as Misfortune Cookie.

For the rest of the year we have written songs and road tested them wherever possible whilst balancing our full and busy lives. As we move into 2019 our first recording dates loom closer, and an LP of these songs will be released by Everything Sucks in early summer.

We remain committed to our old school values and mutual loves which encompass our combined existence as a band.

FFO: Bear Trade, Helen Chambers, beer, good times

Tech spec: drums, 2 x guitar cabs, 1 x bass cab, 4 x vocal mics – not overly precious about configuration but drums at the back and lead vocal centre ideally

First song we ever played live at our first gig: https://youtu.be/L7mnRByi7oA