Harkening back to the days when skaters were still considered rebels and punk was in the underground, Scheisse Minnelli channels the spirits of the sound and attitude of 80s west coast hc skate punk, blending raw punk riffing with musical prowess and poignant lyrics that range from social issues to personal struggles into to a style all their own. Dedicated to their music and their often reckless lifestyle, Scheisse Minnelli are a rare and shining example of practising what one preaches. Though they’ve evolved…matured?…over the years, they show no signs of ever changing or calling it quits.

Formed in 2003, Scheisse Minnelli quickly made a name for themselves in the scene. They did their first European tour with Italian 80s HC legends Raw Power and since then have supported and toured with the likes of NOFX, Pennywise, Lagwagon, DRI, Poison Idea, Agent Orange, and Jello Biafra…just to name a few. Scheisse Minnelli has toured all over (SE Asia, Mexico, the USA, Europe, etc.) and played more shows than they can remember. To date, the band has released 4 full lengths and an assortment of splits, compilations and EPs. Their most recent release the Fifth of Skatehoven EP consists of 3 original songs and a hc punk cover version of Beethoven's 5th symphony!

Upon returning from their 4th North American tour the band set to work on writing new material. They hit the studio in November 2017 with legendary Copenhagen based sound engineer, Adam Schwartz, who they’d crossed paths with throughout the years on various tours with PW, Lagwagon and Jello. A new full length is set for release in 2018. In the meantime, the band plans to continue to play all over Europe and will be heading to Japan in the fall.