Fair Do’s are a powerhouse of technical melodic hardcore, who combine hardcore punk and metal in a way that few other bands dare.
Releasing a string of singles to in 2021, resulting in the 2022 EP 1000 Miles , demonstrating the development of their sound into a heavier, richer mix. The band’s new music reflects the frustration and hopelessness of the working-class left-wing in the past five years, existing in the time of Boris, Brexit and COVID – writing and recording in isolation, during the bleak winter lockdowns, creating an improved, heavier, tighter sound out of a disquieting experience.
They released their debut album Leopards on Lockjaw Records in 2018 – an adrenaline-soaked collision of hardcore punk and metal, that captures the energy and technical prowess of their explosive live show.

Their earliest release Trying Times was released on Pumpkin Records in 2014, and remains a firm favourite of skate-punk fans. Let us rejoice together and tell Tree to fuck right off.