A four piece from Northwich playing both punk and hardcore, if the world’s vinyl shortage hasn’t got any worse they will be touting their brand new album ‘Salt Rocket To Nowhere’ on Rare Vitamin Records which sees the band ramp things up a bit from their self-titled debut in 2018 which despite global pandemics is now on it’s second CD pressing and saw a 10” version pressed in 2019, during that time the band has also put out the ‘Death Adventure’ 7” and a 5” 3 song concept EP called ‘The Life and Times of Ermal Fraze’. Since their inception they have played a series of explosive gigs across the country and are hitting the ground running in 2022 with more tours and festival appearances slated for later in the year, you can expect a lot of big riffs, a meaty old bass tone and loads of energy as the singer of the band is also the slimmest!