NEXØ is a highly energetic punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

When NEXØ play live a sense of sheer urgency engulfs the crowd – something is at stake. Balancing on the edge of the stage, close to exploding, they bare their souls while keeping their footing, creating an experience that keeps resonating under the skin. The music has a clear and strong message delivered with frantic joy and teeth-clenching presence. It's a goddamn cliché, but a show with NEXØ is blood, sweat and tears blasted through an amplifier.

NEXØ's music is heavy like the times, but still with a keen sense of melody amid the noise. The raw punk is complimented by sonic experiments and psychedelic elements, testament of a band that refuses to stand still.

Their new album "False Flag" revolves around truth as a washed up term. When alternative facts govern the power that be, and social media has democratized the assasination of objective reality, it is time to realize that nothing hurts like the truth – and so it must be obliterated. From the very first eerie notes of the album NEXØ creates an atmosphere that makes your hair stand on end and your muscles twitch impatiently. It's clearly now or never.