AU: 2 Sick Monkeys – Gullivers, 27/08/17

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2 Sick Monkeys - Gullivers 27/08/17£6.00




2 Sick Monkeys are one of our favourite bands to work with. We go back a very long way with them now so we were gutted to hear they have decided to call it a day at the end of this year. 2 of the nicest people we know, one of the best bands on the UK scene. Pete has finally accepted that he is old as fuck so has resigned himself to spending his days in his gruds at home like some sort of Father Jack nightmare, shouting fuck off and Happy Christmas out of the window at terrified onlookers. This will be the last time they play for us so let’s make it a sozzle! It’s bank holiday weekend so you have no excuse.

Support comes from the wonderful EPIC PROBLEM, PIZZATRAMP, THE KIRKZ, EYE LICKER, RUNoffthestatic and CARL MOORCROFT.