MPF2017: Thank You!

This weekend was insane. There is a very real punk rock family that stretches across so many countries and to see so many of them visiting Manchester, enjoying the event so much is such a great feeling. We are incredibly humbled and appreciative of all the nice things said to us by so many people over the weekend, it’s so cool to for it to feel so supported. Thank you for coming to party!

It’s hard to know where to start when trying to thank people for all of their help but we can try. We are so grateful to our team of volunteers. It would fall apart without them. They made food for us, ran their own little team together so we didn’t have to, they’ve done design work for us, managed stages for us, helped with stalls and tickets, a long list of things that are pretty crucial to this working out. Pretty much everyone who helps out at our events are friends we’ve known locally for a very long time, it feels like such a team effort. We owe them all several shots of vodka in the eyeball to say thanks.

The bands that played for us were amazing from start to finish. Some of them travelled from very far, some of them rolled out of bed with bloody noses from the party the night before, it was a pleasure to see so much great music over the three days.

Each venue were great to work with again and really got behind us in the run up to the festival. Our engineers kept everything ticking over at their stages and made it sound immense from start to finish so hugely thankful for that. We were juiced up all weekend by Signature Brew, it was ace to finally involve them. A huge thank you to Start A Riot, who did a great job of capturing the event as much as they could, we’ll have something out to you soon.

The food outside The Thirsty Scholar / Sound Control was provided by the wonderful Teatime Collective. We’ve wanted to have their food at our event since it started so we are really happy to finally get it sorted. They make the best vegan food in Manchester so go get a scran, sometimes we fill baths up with their cakes and lie in it.

A very special thank you to Millie, Kaz, Chris and Samantha who’s work for #MPF2017 started long before last week, so grateful for your faces! We owe you many pints and cuddles.

We know there were some small things that didn’t go perfectly and we always want to improve the festival. Please complete our survey to tell us what you thought. All feedback will be taken on board. As a thank you we will be pick one person at random to win a pair of tickets to MPF2018.

You can find the survey here:

We also have a small amount of merch left over, you can check it out here:

#MPF2018 anyone?