MPF2018 Band Announcement: The Restarts, The Copyrights and loads more…

We are very pleased to bring you our penultimate band announcement because we are proper nice like that. Call it a belated Christmas present, call it whatever you want really, we’d just ask that you keep it to yourself because no one likes a big mouth (please share widely!).

We will be welcoming legendary pop punk heroes The Copyrights to MPF, and the country, for the first time ever. After a few failed attempts in the past they’re finally coming over! We are also delighted to welcome back The Restarts who stormed the first ever MPF. They are easily one of the best UK punk bands and it’s always great to have them involved.

With a new album coming out early 2018 we thought it’d be the perfect time to welcome the Scottish incredible queer punkers in The Spook School to the line-up. They’ll be joined by a relatively new band but who released one of the best EPs of 2017, The Baby Seals. Making waves with their unforgettable pop hits with brilliant lyrics touching on feminism and body positivity.

It wouldn’t be MPF without having some of our favourite local acts. MPF veterans Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man will be bringing their unique mash up of Mr. Blobby fuelled punk rock and mid life crises as well as strong candidates for album of the year in Holiday, a band that sing happy songs about unhappy things like sitting outside on the steps at a gig talking to people about the Blah Party. Everyone’s got an agenda haven’t they.

As always with our announcements we have bands flying the melodic hardcore/skate punk flag and this one is no different. This year we are welcoming the hard working Start At Zero over from Slovenia along with Lancashire cretins Hoof who have been around for at least 6 decades but have only ever written about 3 and half songs because their bassist is what’s known as a fat shit. Joining them will be Irish pop punkers No Matter who kindly looked after our very own Wadeye on tour and anyone that associates with them clearly isn’t well or sane, like us.

One band we are very pleased to have snagged for the 2018 event us Belgian sex gods Speedozer who play fast and loud and really aren’t here to fuck about.

One of the most promising and honest acts in the UK, Ducking Punches, are going to be joining us at MPF2018, fresh off the back of their third album! Ipswich punks Casual Nausea will be heading up to Manchester for their 2nd MPF appearance, which confirms that we’ve definitely given up.

Also excited to finally be able to get self proclaimed indie rock failures Tellison on the line-up for 2018, bringing back the Myspace era of indie punk rock for you all while you’re waiting for your picture comment replies.

Lucinda Livingstone from fuzz-rock two-piece Kamikaze Girls and the wonderful Millie Manders will be hitting our already stacked acoustic stage too, be sure to check both out.

OK, you can tell everyone now.

Come at us and mosh. Make sure you head to our webstore to pick up a ticket!

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