MPF2018 – Running order…

After months of deliberating, arguing, swearing, amending and re-visiting – we’re finally able to share the running order for MPF2018.

Deciding on the running order is always the hardest part of MPF, it’s impossible to please everyone. We take so many things into account when talking it through like distances between venues, crowd crossover, sharing band members, sharing gear, capacity and style. The MPF2018 clashfinder is now live and you can see it by click HERE.

A couple of things to note:

Venues get full
Just like any festival, venues/tents get full and we cannot guarantee your entry at all times.  If you have a particular band you want to watch we suggest getting to your venue early as you can to avoid disappointment. We will have lots of signage reminding you of this over the weekend. Please don’t complain to us if you miss Propagandhi’s set because you showed up 10 minutes before they were about to start. If one venue is at capacity, this means that another will have space. We’ll try to keep you updated on this through door staff but we highly recommend downloading the MPF2018 app so we can update you on the go.

Walking times
Walking distances between venues are slightly longer this year due to the closure of Sound Control. We’ve had the map below created, and there will be plenty of these dotted around the weekend, to help you get from A to B. The shortest walk between venues is 20 seconds, the longest 20 minutes, please take this into consideration when planning your running order!

We’re really sorry if your favourite bands are clashing but with 94 bands it’s impossible to avoid. We’ve really worked our hardest to ensure that clashes at are at a minimum, pick who you’ve seen the least and go with that!