MPF2018: Second Band Announcement

We are delighted to bring our second announcement for MPF2018 right in to your eyes on this bleak Wednesday morning.
Joining the already stacked line up, we are insanely excited to welcome Culture Shock on to our line up. They are one of the original political UK ska punk bands with a career spanning across four decades (sorry Dick) and have influenced so many bands that we listen to today.
2018 also sees the return of two of our favourites, let’s welcome back the Yorkshire cretins in Random Hand and the much demanded Beat The Red Light. Two of the UK’s finest in their field, we couldn’t be happier to have them involved.
We’re also very excited to welcome The Tuts, an indie punk trio from West London, to MPF for the first time. Live they seriously pack a punch and are noted for their impassioned songs about sexism, feminism and everyday life-isms. They will be joined by easily the best folk punk band (in the world) in Roughneck Riot who always enjoy making that strenuous journey over from the hole known as Warrington.

Chewing On Tinfoil are making the trip over from Dublin for a rare performance and Sam Russo will be returning to MPF after a storming solo set in 2016. This time he’s coming back with a full band under the moniker RUSSO, don’t miss it!
After a storming Manchester show in September for Anarchistic Undertones, we had to invite Darlington’s In Evil Hour to this years event, playing a brand of crack rock/hardcore that will melt your face. Making their way over from Chicago will be melodic hardcore favourites Counterpunch, a band that have stayed consistent throughout their career and toured with pretty much every band you like. They will be joined straight off the set of Braveheart by Scotland’s tightest live band PMX (FREEDOM!!) and Gothenburg’s most harrowing looking band Rebuke. That trio right there is a shredders delight!Also joining us to put an unmovable smile on your face throughout their entire set will be the fantastic Happy Accidents. In contrast to that style, we thought everyone was in need of some heavy dub punk so we asked Atterkop to get off their arses and come sort us all out instead of wallowing in Bristol wishing they lived in Manchester.

This year is also the first year we can bring you Sounds Of Swami, a post hardcore quartet from Keighley (imagine that) who have just released their new album Furniture For Modern Living.

The acoustic stage is looking as wonderful as always and this year we are pleased to include the relatively new and unique Dead Drummer who reside in York, Tom Aylott from Dorset and New Zealand’s Freddy Fudd Pucker.

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