MPF2018: Third Band Announcement… Iron Chic, Lightyear and more!

Time to bring you our 3rd announcement for MPF2018, it’s quite a corker.

We’re over the moon to be able to welcome IRON CHIC all the way from Long Island, New York to the line-up! This band, featuring members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer and Get Bent, have made a huge impact on the punk scene since the release of ‘Not Like This’ in 2010.  We couldn’t be happier. They have two more albums under their belt, including the recent ‘You Can’t Stay Here’ on SideOneDummy, cementing enough singalongs to blow the stubble off Kieran Kelly’s long chin.

Also, having just celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band, we’re ecstatic to bring the recently re-united UK ska-punk legends LIGHTYEAR to the line-up. Get your pantomime horses at the ready.

Flying all the way from Osaka, Japan and making their UK debut, WATERWEED will be bringing the noise like not many others can. Up there with the best in melodic hardcore and industrial shred, this is one of the most exciting bookings we will ever bring you. Also flying the flag of the shredders, we’ve got local (ish) noise makers DEAD NECK and Punkle Fester hosts CAPTAIN TRIPS from a hole called Fareham darrn sarrff.

Making their return to MPF after storming the first event we did, Brum punk rockers BRASSICK are back. We are happy to go on record to say they are the only positive thing to ever come out of Birmingham. Also making their return are your favourite band’s favourite band, APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE. Dark, energetic and brutally honest punk rock with a back catalogue to scream your lungs out to.

We thought it was time to bring back Cornish hardcore punkers BOBBY FUNK. No one is perfect. It also wouldn’t be Manchester Punk Festival without the harrowing (looking) WADEYE. Considered the most dangerous band in Manchester, arguably the country, we can’t wait for them to ruin everyone’s day.

Over the hills in Leeds CRUMBS have been quietly making a name for themselves over the last couple of years. Their infectious and sprightly danceable jams are delivered in a way that you can’t help yourself from enjoying. Also heading over from Leeds, we’ve got the small and furry geezers in EAT DEFEAT. They’ll be bringing their pop punk sounds and year long sponsored Facebook posts right in to your face.

Everyone misses The Arteries right? We’ve got the next best thing in HOT MASS who feature members of Swansea’s greatest ever. They’ve got an incredible debut LP and have toured with some of the biggest already so don’t miss them.

As with last year, we wanted to bring some miserable Scottish punks down for a party, this year is no different as GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY are joining us all the way from sunny Glasgow. It’s just what Manchester needs, more knife crime. Flying all the way over from Ohio we are delighted to bring you THE RAGING NATHANS. An exciting band with crisp good looks.

We feel the acoustic stage this year is one of our best so far and we are very pleased to add Irish hunk ENDA MCCALLAN, scouse reprobate CARL MOORCROFT and our resident slave TIM LOUD in to the mix.

Come at us and mosh. Make sure you head to our webstore to pick up a ticket!

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