Here are the #MPF2019 after party plans. They are gonna be wild! We get told by a lot of people that the after parties are their favourite bit of the weekend so get your chops around these nightmares.
Local producer, music lover and friend Tim Gray sadly passed away last year. We wanted to pay tribute by hosting an after party for him with a few bands he loved. He had a huge influence on a lot of North West bands and early TNSrecords releases so we felt it was only right to pay our respects in this way, named after his recording studio Big Tone Studios.
The Bread Shed will host the Big Tone (Tim G tribute) after party with Sonic Boom Six, the return of Harijan and Catch It Kebabs as well as being the home of Scheisse Minnelli, Officer Down, Haest, Youth Avoiders, Clean Shirts and Jodie Faster for the weekend.
Rebellion will host the return of Above Them, the awful Throwing Stuff, Mean Caesar, Grafteoke as well as the much loved and messy cover sets. This year we have Less Than Jake (Call Me Malcolm), Alkaline Trio (Astpai, James Choice and 7 Years Bad Luck), The Menzingers (Burnt Tapes), Minor Threat (Incisions) and Foo Fighters (Sounds Of Swami).
We’ve sold a lot of tickets the last few weeks, get yours here: