It’s time to shout about our next wave of bands for #MPF2019. We couldn’t be more excited about how the line up is looking so far, here’s another crew of mega bands to get your faces in to!

We are ecstatic to welcome UK punk legends SUBHUMANS on to the line up for the first time. One of the most influential and consistent bands to come out of England, it’s a pleasure to finally have them on board. We also thought it was time to invite psychobilly outfit THE CREEPSHOW to the party all the way from Montreal to get weird with us, who doesn’t love a Canadian! We always ask for band suggestions from the people that turn up so it’s cool to be able to bring you one of your most requested, we are finally bringing SMOKE OR FIRE back over. Originating in Boston but now based all over, they haven’t played here since 2013 so don’t miss it!

Outstanding musicianship that has no right to be within punk rock, Philly-based RESTORATIONS make their long awaited return to Manchester and it’s about time too!

The UK has some really exciting music knocking about so we’ve tried to drag as much of it together as we can. Manchester’s very own glowing gems CRYWANK are back for their second appearance. Along with debuts from the geezers in THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS marching their way up here from Brighton and the high energy MILLIE MANDERS & THE SHUT UP also from daarn saarf.

It wouldn’t be MPF without getting some old friends from Europe over for the party, and we’re ecstatic to bring back the incredible Austrians in ASTPAI, Danish throat belters STOJ SNAK and finally welcome 7 YEARS BAD LUCK over for the first time, also mooching from Austria! Speaking of old friends, we are planning something pretty special that will be revealed soon enough but we had to draft in some old timers to help us out, welcome back Manchester ska maestros HARIJAN and the wonderful CATCH-IT KEBABS to keep it proper northern. (albeit via Yorkshire, no one is perfect).

As always we are bringing you more of our favourite melodic hardcore. This year we have the relentless Brummie boys in TEMPLETON PEK, Lancashire’s own bad-dicks-with-shreddy-riffs FAIR DO’S, San Sebastian’s tech beasts ADRENALIZED as well as punk rock supergroup A VULTURE WAKE who are heading over from the states.

We’re welcoming Watford’s finest, NERVUS, on to the line-up for the second time along with another supergroup in CHEERBLEEDERZ, who will be making their first appearance and features members of Fresh & Happy Accidents.

SKINNY MILK sound like a five piece band, so you will be blown away that their power noise is made by a mere two heads, definitely not a band you’ll forget any time soon. BATWOLF formed out of the ashes of Black Volvo from The Netherlands and will be blasting out some high energy, Zeke worshipping punk n roll. After catching MARTYRIALS in Bristol we had to get them involved. Original, synth driven, psychedelic glam punk, not words you often hear together.

BIG JOANIE describe themselves as a black feminist punk band and who are we to argue, very excited to have them on the line-up for 2019. We’re also saying g’day mate to THE HARD ACHES, making the trip over from Melbourne after their first venture over here earlier in the year.

We like to go in ‘ard where we can so we’ve added a few brutal experiences for you. BURNING FLAG from Halifax will probably change your life or at least wake you up, Manchester hardcore gangsters SALVO make their long awaited MPF debut and the visually terrifying awful mess Leeds crew COPROACH are on the scene, they will all probably agree it’s best not to eat before you watch them as it’s coming right back up.

We’ve added a couple of TNSrecords favourites again because why wouldn’t you, bid good morn to the suited and booted clerse friends of ours in NOSEBLEED, also from Leeds, and the inexplicably angry Ipswich mob CASUAL NAUSEA. Proper fwend fest this!

Our favourite chums in HARKER are dropping in for a shandy, very happy to have them back and as if there wasn’t enough Yorkshire going on here, we’ve gone and asked hardcore punks YOUNG CONSERVATIVES to come and shout at us and they are neither young, nor conservative.

Last year we caught a fairly new and unique act playing in Manchester and we needed to have them back for a cuddle, the Welsh boys in HABITS are bringing their mad hardcore rants to the table. You asked us for more psychobilly so we delivered, welcome THE ZIPHEADS to MPF all the way from St. Albans oh yah we hear it’s just spiffing down there.

JAMES HULL will be making his way up from London in a limosine/megabus to play some acoustic numbers with his Hold Steady worshipping back catalogue and the great folk-rock voice of CHLOE HAWES will also be playing MPF for the first time. If that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle for the almost acoustic stage, the incredible PERKIE is coming back up north for another ear filler and old friend BILLY LIAR is coming down from Scotland to earache at us about freedom and English bastards.

We’ve got a lot more to come but how about you just ease off and give us a minute to breathe god what’s going on here. We’ll be back soon enough with some more awesome news for you, get your tickets in yo!!