Well that was pretty mega! Aching legs, ringing in your ears, missing teeth, sensitive eyes, the taste of blood, yep you went to MPF. We are finding it hard to process what a weekend it was, hope you made the most of it.

Some of the things you say to us about the event are pretty overwhelming. It’s so nice how important it is to so many of you. We just wanted to watch some bands ;) We do make sacrifices and work hard but who cares, it wouldn’t be anything without the people who play the music and perform along with the people who want to see it. You are the main event! Thank you for creating art and thank you for getting messy to it.

We’re always trying to improve MPF. To help us do this we want your feedback. Head HERE to complete the survey. We will pick one person at random to win a pair of tickets for MPF2020.

Don’t forget to complete our feedback survey HERE for the chance to win tickets. We also still have limited merch left if you want to check HERE and blast it out of our lives as soon as possible!

Here is everyone that made MPF2019 work. A massive thank you to them all!

This event would literally fall apart without our volunteers. The biggest thank you ever to Chris and Kaz Hinsley for the crazy hours you put in to helping this to stay organised. You are da bomb! They help us with merch, with volunteering, with loading in and out, with sweating, they do it all with us. The team of volunteers they put together were all incredible and we can’t thank them enough.

Our venues; thank you Ian, Mikey and The Union Staff, Paul and everyone at Gorilla, Danny and The Bread Shed massive, Ad and the staff at Rebellion, the bar staff at Brickhouse Social, Dan and Font Bar who hosted the punk cinema and Damo’s crew at Thirsty Scholar/Zombie Shack. Cheers for letting us get rank in your buildings.

The sound and equipment was provided by the notorious pair of MGS Productions and GSS Pro Audio. They do a quality job every year. Hugely important to us to have them involved. Backing them we have a bang on team of stage managers who never cease to amaze us with how much time and effort they devote to the event each day. Absolutely nailed it all weekend. Each year Tim Loud holds the acoustic stage together.

The extra stuff we had on top of bands this year came from Mr. Cubes (punk cinema), Red Redmond (comedy) and Henry Raby (poetry). Thank you for even wanting to get involved! Our festival food outside Thirsty Scholar came from our good friends at Teatime Collective. Thank you for keeping us and the bands out of hospital all weekend.

The incredible design work we had this year was created by the wonderful Lucinda Livingstone (Bloodflower) and Holly Dixon (Cat’s Cradle Studio), chiefed up by our diamond Millie Cordingley (who spends hours every year creating the illusion that we are professional).

Our very close friends at MPRV News near enough killed themselves documenting the weekend and we can’t wait to see what they captured. We worked with BlankTV this year for the first time and it’s easy to see why so many others want to. We also roped in Bobby Stickah last minute to catch some sets for us. Thanks for putting the effort in!

Each year you see multiple articles, interviews, top 10s, nice words and general top lad banter in the run up to MPF. That’s most likely come from Sarah at Shout Louder and Emma/Colin at CPRW. Thank you for spending so much time talking balls about us.

If you liked our merch you can thank Shay Colston at EHC Screen Printing. Every year he sorts us out usually with nowhere near enough notice and it’s appreciated to no end. Props to the gangsters at Signature Brew for lubing us up and doing such a good job with “Queen Bee”. Absolute geezers!

Our resident man with the van Dan Hope did a stellar job carting effort around all weekend and we wanted to say a thank you to Chloe and the Gray familyfor letting us say goodbye to Tim the best way we knew how.

Last but by no means least we wanted to say thank you and sorry to Millie, Jo and Sam for dealing with us. They know who is in charge, we all know!

That’s us for the year (or month until we get the itch). We better see you all next year. Things can only get the better as the very wise man in D:Ream once said.


Love you.

Bev, Kieran, Andy, Tom, Danny & Tree.


P.S. Slayer have been emailed.