MPF2020: Third Band Announcement

Seeing as it’s Christmas, our present to you is more awesome bands! This years line up is so stacked, we can’t wait for April to come around!

We are buzzing that Oklahoma City’s RED CITY RADIO are finally joining the party. They are great friends of ours and were recently seen playing some huge gigs with Hot Water Music. It’s time for them to hit MPF and put on a great show as they always do! Do you like reggae? Good, so do we. Please welcome Dutch/American reggae kings JAYA THE CAT on to our line up, a band with a great reputation for bringing the party to your ears!

The current faces of UK ska are back: POPES OF CHILLITOWN go from strength to strength and it’s great to see their hard work paying off. They’ve blown the roof off in each of their visits to Manchester and this will be no different. Loud and smiling indie/punk from Midwestern America, SIGNALS MIDWEST play their first ever Manchester show! We constantly get asked to bring NECK up to Manchester so here they are, the ever popular London-Irish punks are known for their high energy shows, so we are excited to see what they’ve got in store.

Sweden is known for fast heavy music so we’ve invited one of their best, d-beat terrors! CRUTCHES ripped the place apart when they last played Manchester. We knew instantly they were one for us… go check them out if you haven’t already. Birmingham’s finest and our very good friends BRASSICK are coming back to party and we are incredibly excited for the MPF debut of LYONESS, featuring current/former members of Gallows, Wonk Unit, The Dirty Dead and The Ghost Riders In The Sky, who blend huge riffs with incredible grooves.

The UK’s equivalent to Dillinger Four, the legends in THE DAUNTLESS ELITE are playing MPF for the first time and we are pleased to welcome CULTDREAMS, formerly Kamikaze Girls, whose form of lo-fi shoegaze punk has been making waves in the last twelve months. Last year’s after parties were wild so the wonderful GRAFTEOKE are heading back for a late night booze up. You demanded them so we delivered.

As always, we like to represent melodic hardcore and skate punk well because… erm… why wouldn’t you? Say hello to the notorious DEAD NECK, fresh with new members (obviously), London sweethearts and Lockjaw Records favourites DRONES, Dutch party boys DRUNKTANK, and all the way from Kyoto, Japan the amazing and lovely STONE LEEK are heading to England for the first time ever!

Hastings hardcore hell pricks HAEST are making an appearance fresh off the back of their debut album (out now via TNSrecords) along with a 2nd appearance for the hard working and all round stellar bunch FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS who have had an incredible first year as a band. From the ashes of ‘Crash of Rhinos’ came HOLDING PATTERNS, shut up and watch them. Featuring half of the members of The Steal, PACER are making a rare trip up North with their sing along punk rock.

One of the most exciting up and coming bands about right now are BURNOUT, bringing a mix of hardcore and indie with a great live show. 7 piece Leeds ska outfit PLOT 32 offer some ridiculously catchy ska punk too. The little Scouse grind nightmares in DAD are making their MPF debut along with the always hard working melodic punk rockers NO MORE IDOLS from Zagreb, Croatia and the brand new fresh faced HELL’S DITCH, somewhat of a super group you could say.

This year’s almost acoustic stage has some little gems we think you’ll love. Please welcome WARSHY with their acoustic driven rock-roots and local East 17 super-fans SMOKING GIVES YOU BIG TITS. Along with those, we have NANA who will blast out some thoughtful, compelling folk-punk and THE X-RAY CAT TRIO will add some catchy rockabilly to the mix.

Hope you all have a great Christmas. We have more for you in the new year. Get your tickets HERE