Unfortunately, Manchester Punk Festival will not take place in 2021.

We pour our hearts, souls and spare time in to putting on the festival each year. Usually by this point we would be several months into the planning of MPF20201 with ticket and a first announcement ready to drop and blow your socks off.

Due to the massive uncertainty around the world currently, along with the appalling handling of the pandemic by our government, we are not at that stage. We are not in a position to put in the time and money that organising MPF requires with the risk of the rug being pulled from under us at any time.  We are as disappointed as anyone, but we feel the decision is out of our hands. It’s shit with nothing to look forward to isn’t it?

The generosity of the MPF family donating ticket money and buying merch following the cancellation of MPF2020 means that we are in a position where we can survive and we can organise the best weekend of your lives again – but only when the time is right.

You helped cover everything we’d already spent and couldn’t recoup when the pandemic hit. Your support has been truly amazing. Whilst we understand any disappointment, we couldn’t risk asking for people’s generosity again in the event of a second cancellation.

Look after yourselves. Support your scene. Shop local. Hope we see you soon. x

Whilst you’re here, check out the small amount of MPF2021 merch we have left –