MPF2022! We’re Back…

It’s time! MPF 2022 will take place over Easter weekend and we are going in hard.

Here’s what we have for you. After years of trying to make it work, we are over the moon to finally welcome Massachusetts’ finest A Wilhelm Scream for their MPF debut. Our good friends Martha are also joining the party with the anthemic indie punk tunes we’ve come to know and love in what will be their 3rd MPF appearance, holy moly!!

Hardcore innovators Shai Hulud are ready to bring their frantic riffs to melt your faces alongside all round stand up Calgary geezers Belvedere Band, fresh off the back of their 6th album release.

If that isn’t enough to wet your whistle, we are pleased to confirm that Oklahoma bong heads Red City Radio and the Cava of reggae punk bands Jaya The Cat are coming back to make up for what was lost in 2020.

Check the poster below for the obscene list of bands joining them. Tons more to come!