Bristol-based DIY punk, intersectional feminist, podcaster. Gryffindor-er, Bridget Hart (formallyJenn Hart) writes love-letters to women and female solidarity. She writes with a beautiful anger that not only empowers but inspires to kick back against the world and also dig deep within our own introspective selves. A master of DIY, immediate and intimate performance, a solid reminder you’d better watch your mouth.

Bridget has performed across the country at DIY shows, festivals and protests. She has appeared on stage with Petrol Girls, Atterkop and Will Tun And the Wasters, speaking out against inequality at shows. Her poems are featured in numerous zines. She is the co-host of Chips and Beans, the popular podcast for punks. In 2013 she released a zine of poems called Scraped Knees and Sob Stories followed by her chapbook Better Watch Your Mouth (Burning Eye Books 2017).

Short: Intersectional feminist and podcaster. Gryffindor-er writing love-letters to women and female solidarity.