At MPF2019 we are gathering together some of our favourite DIY record labels and distros to bring you a pop-up record store. Based in the bar of The Union it will be open 12-6 everyday. Here are the labels that we have lined up for you!



Formed in 2008, All In Vinyl is a punk rock record label and online store based out of Birmingham. Releases from bands playing MPF this year include Arms Aloft, Calvinball, Guerilla Poubelle, The Arteries and Above Them. They stock a variety of other releases, focusing on records from small, like-minded labels.


Autonomonster Records is a DIY not-for-profit record label based in Cornwall run by Alex Smith and Ollie Meyrick that was started in 2013. They aim to release and showcase the very best Cornwall has to offer as well as releasing music from bands and artists further afield. They love to collaborate with like minded individuals, labels, artists and photographers. DIY or die!


Big Scary Monsters is an independent record label based in Oxford. Having just turned 18, the label has released records from the likes of The Get Up Kids, Martha, Modern Baseball, American Football, Tiny Moving Parts, Nervus, La Dispute, Andrew WK, Pedro The Lion and many, many more.


Drunken Sailor Records are based out of Stoke and they release records for the weirdos. They;re on about 100 plus releases now, if you like punk, synth, popwerpop, garage etc, they have probably released a record you will enjoy.
Did you know that Rainy out of Discharge personally picks every band they release a record by? No you probably didn't.


Hell Hath No Fury Records are Holly, El and Carly est. 2017 and based in Bristol and now Manchester. They strive to put on diverse shows and festivals with the focus on providing a platform for DIY punk musicians who identify as womxn, non-binary and queer in a quest to tip the scales within a cis male dominated punk scene. They have recently set up a distro/record label to achieve the same goal and get marginalised persons music out there. Proudly feminist, queer-friendly and anti-fascist, they want to work with the community to make it a diverse and inclusive scene (the way it should be).



Little Rocket Records emerged out of the ashes of B.U.F, the record label established by Sunderland UK's melodic punk outfit Leatherface. It was launched from a world of loss, tragedy, sorrow, anger and frustration. The label name Little Rocket Records is a memorial tribute to Leatherface's tour manager Chris Schaefer, AKA Big Rock and was established with the initial purpose of releasing the album Warm Places, by Medictation, the final recording project from Leatherface guitarist Dickie Hammond (1965-2015). Following the Medictation release, the label has been fortunate to collaborate with and give a musical home to several artists and bands, focusing primarily on punk rock but including the odd acoustic album, too.


Lockjaw Records is an independent European punk and hardcore label. They are proud to be part of a thriving international music community, built on friendship, social-responsibility and a mutual love of punk rock.


Make-That-A-Take Records is a DIY punk rock record label/collective based on the east coast of Scotland. They put on punk shows. They put out records. They aim to contribute positively to our community and believe in the equality of and equity for all humans regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, class, sexual orientation, status or any other perceived identifier. They have a fairly open view of what constitutes ‘punk’.

We also host BOOK-YER-ANE-FEST, a DIY punk/hxc benefit festival. For all booking enquiries, please email info@makethatatakerecords.com



Bristol based punk label home to the likes of Jeff Rosenstock, The Smith Street Band, Shit Present as well as a whole bunch of the MPF 2019 line up - The Arteries, Above Them, Woahnows, Muncie Girls, Fresh, Sam Russo. Since 2017 Specialist Subject have also been running a physical record shop, focusing on all things punk / hardcore / indie rock, so expect a huge selection of records from all corners of punk.


Part of the team that brings you MPF, TNSrecords are a Manchester based not-for-profit punk label. The TNS family includes the likes of Pizzatramp, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Nosebleed, The Domestics, Incisions, Bobby Funk, Tim Loud, Brassick, Throwing Stuff, Grand Collapse and loads more. They'll have their own releases and music from their extensive distro.


Umlaut Records are a London/Manchester based DIY punk label. Started in 2015 as a reason to help their friend’s bands out (and there own). They have now helped out with over 25 bands releases, including; Consumed, The Murderburgers, Eat Defeat, Fastfade, No Matter, Coral Springs and tonnes more.


Urinal Vinyl Records was set up in 2013 purely out of a love of punk, a love of records, and especially a love of punk records. From humble beginnings lugging a box of vinyl round gigs to help raise money to putting out their own releases. There's now somewhere in the region of 70 releases out there and a well stocked distro full of punk rock, UK82, D-beat, crust and anarcho punk, well known artists, as well as the more obscure and unknown (but equally good!)