French acoustic crack hoppers Beng Beng cocktail specialise in a sub genre which is ideally named crystal-core. Crystalcore is first of all, neither a trade nor (even worst) a trend. It is concerned with taking into consideration both DIY and ‘We do what we like and we like what we do’ concepts. Its basis derived from nothing else than our essence. Our core style is entirely embraced by a wide variety of instinctual emotions, billowed out of our prefrontal cortex. Art of music is the only thing that enables its use in an endless approach.

Crystalcore is neither here to make a distinction nor to run away from any style since we are not implying to give rise to a certain means of playing Music. Nonetheless, we aspire to draw attention to a means of considerate Art. Crystalcore breaks out through uncontaminated beat, genuine ska tones and straightforward acoustic radiance out coming from insistent hardcore voices shaped by the daily nightmare of human kind.

Our concern is how hard your heart is beating, we want you to feel like you can breathe on this earth! Whether you like our ideas? Or not? We don't give a fuck!!!!! Neither do we point the finger at any mother fucker or their way of human type thinking. We only aim to make you concious!! – Are human rights being violated? – Is the human mind still free? => Its down to you to involve yourself with the concept of being both FREE and ALERT.

After 3 full length, one split CD (with Atrocity Solution and My Own Religion), hundreds of shows and 13 years without drums, in 2020 Ripoll (Burning Lady, Jodie Faster…) joins the adventure ! A new album is on the way and will be released at the very beginning of 2022 on TNS Records and No Time Records. 14 songs of Crystal-core with Drums, a mix of Operation Ivy, Suicide Machines, Get Dead or Choking Victim. This new album is made for being played at gigs!