Chas was born in Liverpool, England in to a single parent, working class family.

Chas’s family didn’t have a television, so they would sit and watch people through the curtains and invent names for all the characters. These observations would later be apparent in Chas’s lyrical style.

At school Chas was put to the back of the class room for disrupting every lesson he was in. In the last year of school, at 16 he was diagnosed with dyslexia and at 23 had the reading age of an 8 year old. He sees things differently.

Influenced by great lyric writers such as The Hold Steady, The Weakerthans and Frightened Rabbit, Chas has developed his own unique take on the world.

American Smile, British Teeth, coming out on Banquet records in the UK, is not a disposable 10 singles in a row album.

This isn’t your 35 year old pop star, singing songs about your parents not understanding you, it’s all your friends having kids and you not knowing what to do with your life. It’s first funerals of close friends. It’s wearing ear plugs in night clubs.

Its despising people who give out free hugs.

Chas was lead singer of legendary cult band Lightyear who played over one and a half thousand shows and who’s highlights included playing The Lock Up stage at Reading and Leeds festival (also in the campsite with a PA and generators dressed as ninjas after Metallica had played, technically headlining the festival), getting thrown off the Jack Ass tour and going on stage with Ice T dressed as a pantomime horse (with out his permission)

As much as lightyear were clowns they had an underlying, honest message and strong roots in the DIY scene.

Chas is hitting the road again. He still cannot recite the alphabet

“A beautiful and bitter sweet snap shot of one man grinning in the un-relentingly bleak face of present day Britain” Kerrang! KKKK