Crooked Little Sons started in 2013 with their first EP and have since gone on to release a 5 track EP through Easy Action Records, a split EP with Plymouth punks Arizona Law through Black Sail Records and in March 2018 released 'Fick' as a free download with the video being premiered through BlankTV. The band have now released a brand new cassette 'Crooked Little Cassette Vol #1' with their new single 'Thick as Thieves' recently premiering on exclusively made a statement for Crooked Little Sons, saying 'Thick as Thieves' is ''a shot in the arm of thrashy punk that sounds like a hybrid of The Bronx, Motörhead, and The Hives'' and also said '' It’s furious, filthy fun, a cathartic, drunken wrestling session in a mud pit, catchy and cocky and everything that’s great about rock n’ roll. We have little doubt that Lemmy would have loved it.''