Crywank was started in Manchester in 2009 by James Clayton as a solo project despite having no previous experience playing guitar, the project started the night james learnt their first chord and wrote the first two songs. Lyrically focusing on the end of their first relationship whilst contending with moving away, and musically heavily influenced by American folk punk and anti-folk.

After their first release, Crywank began to play with and subvert the role of the singer-songwriter. Shifting the focus from self-pity to self-criticism, and often parodying themselves, fluctuating between hard-hitting confessionals to tongue-in-cheek deconstructions. Dan Watson (ex-GNOD, Denim & Leather) joined the band in 2012 on percussion and began to implement approaches and influences not often seen within anti-folk, at points going into d-beat and blast beats.

Crywank have since self-released five records and have amassed a cult following online. Despite being self-managed and their name getting in the way of radio play or press coverage, Crywank have had over 25 million streams and thousands of cover songs online. Their most recent album ‘Foot in Mouth, Egg on Face, Wriggling, Wriggling, Wriggling’ was released in December 2017 and is their most experimental yet, with punk politics, identity and ethics being recurrent themes.