In Autumn 2018, Janus Stark will release a new song and video "Shuffling the pack". It will be their first professional recording for 21 years and their first video ever!

Janus Stark are a melodic Punk Rock band formed as an off shoot from Punk-Metal Crossover band English Dogs in 1996 by Gizz Butt (when in The Prodigy) and have influences from Punk,Post-punk, New Wave and Hard Rock.

Janus Stark take their odd name from a 1970’s comic book character. Their music is influenced by The Clash (Gizz has played in tribute bands of The Clash, The Jam and The Beatles!), The Who, Propaghandi, Sex Pistols, The Ruts, Helmet, early Foo Fighters, The Cars, Therapy, China Drum, The Beatles, The Jam, Thin Lizzy and Joy Division.

Formed in 1996 by Gizz Butt, guitarist for THE PRODIGY through 1996-2000 featured on "The Fat Of the Land ", No1 album in 38 countries

in ‘97, the Stark recorded their debut(and only) album ‘Great Adventure Cigar,’ with the help of 3 Colours Red, Bad Company and Foreigner (!!) producer Terry Thomas. The album featured Janus Stark track ‘Every Little Thing Counts’ which made No.32 in the Billboard Top 40

In '98 a record deal with Trauma Records (home of Bush and No Doubt) in USA led to a four well received tours and three impressive soundtrack appearances, notably on the ‘Varsity Blues’ film score which made the Top 20 of the Billboard Top 200!

Also in 98 they had an acting part in the bizarre British movie ‘Whatever Happened to Harold Smith.’ Janus Stark wrote and recorded songs for the soundtrack and appeared in the film as themselves!

In 1999 they toured Europe supporting Die TotenHosen where they played to a total of 65,000 people.

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl described Janus Stark as ‘a great melodic kick up the ass,’ and
Ironically Die Toten Hosen endorsed Janus Stark as"……… releasing the album the Foo Fighters SHOULD have released ..!"

After a split with their label and parting ways with their drummer Pinch ( Drummer of The Damned) Janus Stark eventually split in 2002.

Since then Gizz has been busy with Steve Ignorant (Crass), English Dogs, Fields Of The Nephilim and German band Pyogenesis.

In 2018 he decided to reform Janus Stark and asked Richard Gombault of 90's Pop Punk trio Midget to join along with long standing close friends Fozzy Dixon and Simon Martin. The reunion gig was the Hamburg Punk festival Booze Cruise. In Autumn they will play their first UK show in their hometown of Peterborough AND put their first video out with their new song