Formed amidst the ruins of riot-torn early 1980s Thatcher’s Britain, Scottish anarchopunk activists Oi Polloi have since honed their musical assault on the system through dozens of releases on underground DIY record labels and more than 3 decades of constant touring amongst the squats, free festivals and autonomous youth centres of Europe and North America.

Renowned for their energetic and humorous live performances with their unique blend of singalong antifascist Oi and raging D-beat mixed with no-holds-barred ultra-heavy street crust, Oi Polloi are also remarkable for being the first punk band ever to release a full-length LP completely in Scottish Gaelic and for singing much of their set in their indigenous Celtic language.

If you’re looking for an uncompromising progressive political message combined with no-nonsense hard-hitting punk and a good-time party atmosphere then an Oi Polloi show is the place to find it!