Until 1995 the words, Shai Hulud, were identified only with the sandworms from Frank Herbert's Science Fiction epic series, Dune. Now, to tens of thousands of people worldwide, said words are synonymous with, but most certainly not limited to, brutality, melody, and passion, for Shai Hulud's fusion of the three has garnered them respect, accolades and most importantly, a deep connection with an intensely loyal fan base. The songs of Hulud hit the heart and soul, as the music impacts with melodic intensity and raw emotion, while lyrically, social wrongs, personal injustices and the issue of gathering and maintaining strength are dealt with on an intimate and relatable level. Just as Paul Muad'dib changed the face of the desert planet Dune, Shai Hulud is changing the face of, and setting new standards for, aggressive music.