The Bloodstrings, found in 2009, released three records so far and toured all over Europe both headlining or supporting. One thing was always clear: to do whatever the fuck they want! Their style is unique, no copy of average female-fronted Punk bands, no copy of any Psychobilly band. The songs are hard and fast, but extremely melodic. The lyrics dark and honest.

Their recent album Born Sick was released 2017 on Wolverine Records and brought their music to another level. In 2018 the band played several big festivals, especially the legendary Wacken Open Air in Germany.

But they are known in the UK as well: from extended UK tours over slots on Bedlam Breakout and Pie Race they made their way and always will! They are working on new material that they will present: a more "happy" version of their darker style, pop-punky and of course very fast again!