Actionmen born in 1999 in Ravenna, Italy.

Early years: four adolescents, crappy hashish, warm cheap beers, a lot of rehearsing, a bunch of local shows.
The first recording was Upa a Baba, recorded at 16 years old.

Myspace era, a lot of new friends, new incredible fast (and not) punk rock bands discovered all over the world, some good feedback here and there, a lot of shows around Italy and a lot of shows organized in Ravenna with the new friends and band we just discovered. In 2005 The Game was recorded, it came out in 2007 released by Unicorn Records ( progressive rock Label) and Bells on Records from Japan. Louie from Bells on records find out on Napster or something like that Upa a Baba and release it in Japan.

In those years the first shows outside Italy, and in 2008 the first Euro Tour supporting This is a Standoff.T hat was the best time ever.

Facing the drummers turnover delirium, things started to get tricky and slow, but in 2009 Coalition came out, a 4 band split with Forus, Play Attention from Perù and Hero of Our Time)with on drums our both drummers Mattia the Paola and Simo Perini.

Good quality Marujana, crafted beers, fancy cheeses. Actionmen decided to record the next records by themselves = 4 years of psychedelic rehearsal, recordings, struggles, funny moments, tension moments, it was an intense 4 years moment.

Finally, in 2013 Ramadama came out a 22 songs double cd, not everybody liked it, we understand.

After a few years of shows, some euro mini-tours, in summer 2016 Libero, the lead vocals and guitarist left the band.P retty shocked the other three decided to keep playing and Matteo the other guitar player starts to sing.

Now Actionmen is a 3 piece band, in 2017 they record the first 13 tracks as a trio 5 of them will be in the split Defections with the band Dead Neck.