Noisy fuckers from Ipswich! With four vocalists and various musical influences and ability, focusing on 'fun', Playing fast punk rock because its all they know (and they've got nothing better to do!). They've been compared to loads of bands, across most punk sub-genres (Often described as pop punk, crust punk and everything in-between and usually compared to the likes of Minor threat, Crass and the Casualties), however if you need a description they tend to stick to the simple, yet definitive label of IT'S PUNK INNIT. They've been gigging up all over the place, as much as possible over the last few years building up an enthusiastic following and playing with some amazing bands, and at some awesome festivals. Including MPF, Pie Race, Rebellion, and Boomtown Come join in the shenanigans, and PICK SIMON UP! It will be fun… We promise!