Discovering Sam Russo's music is like turning over a stone and finding a whole world of wonderful, mysterious shit underneath. The underground bastard saviour of acoustic music to many at home and abroad, Russo has been touring and recording for centuries and has amassed a following that just seems to grow every time the 'RUSSO' chant starts. His shows are full of rafter rocking singalongs and gales of laughter and his achingly tender acoustic punk reduces grown ups to damp rubble in the best possible way. Russo has racked up international tours and supports with bands like Lucero, Tim Barry, Dave Hause, The Lawrence Arms and The Menzingers to name a few, while his albums 'Storm' and 'Greyhound Dreams' have found a wide, eclectic audience through the US label Red Scare Industries. With a new album laying in wait, exciting shows lined up for the new year and no plans to slow down, Russo is leading the charge of UK acoustic punks into a long and brutally beautiful battle for the hearts and minds of anyone willing to listen.