The inception of Sonnet 13 was in March 2017 when Bartek Piwonski (the guitarist and singer) and Lukasz Flizikowski (the drummer) started rehearsing together. Fraser Fahey joined on the bass guitar and second vocal in August 2017. The objective from the start has been to write groovy and bouncy songs with a lot of heavy punch, using two lead vocals for the added impact. The style of the band can be best described as groovy metallic hardcore.

Sonnet 13 started gigging The UK in March 2018 and so far have played the following towns and cities: London, Manchester, Birmingham, York, Gateshead, Mansfield, Oldham, Stockport, Bolton and Warrington. This includes two festivals: 0161 Festival in Manchester and Punk For Pam Birmingham edition. The band released a split EP with Hope Through Hostility, which is entitled 'A Tale of Two Cities' and also recently published their first video to the song 'Get me Out'.

Sonnet 13 begin 2019 by supporting BILLYBIO of Biohazard and Cutthroat (Los Angeles hardcore) on their Manchester date in January. From February onward the band will be playing more UK dates, including their appearance at Manchester Punk Festival, as well as their first European tour.

Sonnet 13 recorded an album in 2018 which is due to be released this year.

For more information and updates on live dates as well the release of the album, visit the official band Facebook page.