Since the release of his debut EP in 2012, Tim Loud has been rapidly building his name in the music scene with a rigorous touring schedule throughout Western Europe, taking in numerous solo tours and several full band tours.

In addition to his first record, Tim has had a host of releases in Europe and the U.S, including three studio albums, two split EPs and a unique collaboration with DIY punk stalwarts, ‘Revenge of the Psychotronic Man’.

With range, character and depth to his vocals and a passionate and varied playing style, Tim tackles an array of genres and influences in his music, while his lyrics take on a wide selection of topics from the personal to the political, always conveyed with a hint of irony and a heavy dose of cynicism.

Whether playing solo acoustic sets of roots, blues and antifolk or more raucous sets with his full band, Tim has established a solid reputation for his skilled songwriting, thought-provoking, irreverent worldview and truly entertaining live shows.