Tragical History Tour is the acoustic pseudonym of Dundee, Scotland-based singer/songwriter Derrick Johnston. As a founder of Scottish punk label Make That A Take Records and front person of Scottish punk rock bands Uniforms and Joey Terrifying, Derrick has spent twenty years learning his craft in the trenches of DIY punk.

After fifteen years of DIY releases and 1000+ shows across the UK, USA and Europe, the debut Tragical History Tour “Aphorisms” LP was released in April 2018. “Aphorisms” tells intimate tales of life, love, death and redemption with slashing punk chords and country/folk-influenced finger-picking, like Leatherface covering Leadbelly, defined by Derrick's distinctive warm gravel tones and unique dual-octave vocal delivery.

“Aphorisms” was recorded and produced by John Harcus (PMX) in Perth, Scotland and is the most fully realised Tragical History Tour release yet, a distillation of the lessons learned from a life in punk; a positive force in times of existential crisis. Since the release of “Aphorisms”, the Tragical History Tour has travelled to all corners of the UK, Europe and North America on a mission to spread joy.

“Aphorisms” is available now on blue + pink/purple vinyl, limited edition eco-pack CD and as a digital download on all popular digital services through Make That A Take and Aaahh!!! Real Records.