At MPF, we’re always looking for ways to improve. We think we’re pretty unique in asking for your feedback every year to find out what you think we could do better. But that’s only step one, next we need to actually take action and make changes. Here’s what we’re planning for MPF2019 based on your views from the survey in 2018.

As a multi-venue city centre festival there is always going to be limited capacity and queues. If you really want to watch a band you need to get to a stage early to make sure you get in. You told us that for a few bands and after parties the queues were a bit long at MPF2018. We’ve increased capacity and introduced a much larger main stage at The Union.

We’ve also doubled the capacity of the after parties by adding Rebellion to the mix. Rebellion will be the venue for the covers after party. No more cramming into Zombie Shack! Hopefully there won’t be queues to get in to either party, but as always you should arrive early for guaranteed entry.

Unfortunately Manchester has a habit of knocking down venues and turning them in to bland high-rise student accommodation, which caused the distance between our venues to increase for MPF2018. The addition of The Union has knocked 5 mins off the longest walk during the day at MPF2019. Less walking, more bands! Don’t worry, we know Rebellion is an awesome venue. You still get the chance to mooch over there for the after parties.

It’s not possible to completely cater for the younger crowd due to licence and venue restrictions however our three largest venues (including The Union) are now 14+. Please note this doesn’t include after-parties and under 18s must be accompanied by an adult at the event.

Every year you request more or less of most sub-genres of punk. For MPF2019 we’ve increased the number of bands playing by 40%. We’ve taken the opportunity to add more ska, crust, hardcore and some psychobilly, as requested by you. We are still working hard to secure Slayer.

The comedy stage went down really well last year, but we only gave you 3 hours of laughs. Obviously, you wanted more! For 2019 we now have the stage running across all three days and we’ve added poetry each day to kick things off. Head down to the Thirsty Scholar to check it out.

We heard you. The record store was a bit weak last year. Well we’ve lined up a beast for you this year. We’ve brought together 12 incredible DIY punk labels from across the country to sell you their wares. Better start saving your pennies! Head to The Union each day from 12.

The Signature Brew/Lightyear/MPF collaboration beer went down a storm last year, and the craft beer lovers seemed happy with this beer in all the venues. We have more news on the Signature Brew front heading your way soon but we’re very pleased to say they will be back.

Unfortunately, we have very little control over beer prices in the venues but we think they’re reasonable for city centre venues and we’d encourage you to support them so we can all continue to go to great gigs. We’ll soon have a list of the cheapest beers and discounts available with your wristbands!